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Valerie, Quit Coach Jun 14, 2017 (07:44 PM)  

Joined: Jun 07, 2017
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Hey Jeyan,

With the nice summer weather finally here, I hope you are doing a lot of outdoor activities.



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Jeyan May 23, 2017 (08:53 AM)  

Joined: Nov 24, 2014
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Gender: Male
Country: Canada
Occupation: Working
Hobbies: Walking, Roller skating, yoga, family

Hi Nadia, I plan to do a lots of outdoor activities such as playing with my kids in the park, bicycle rides, roller skating, etc. No alcohol, no partying, no smokes! :)

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Treepeo May 17, 2017 (09:58 PM)  

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Hi Nadia,
I am looking forward to sitting on a patio with my friends, eating and drinking, and not worrying about how and when to excuse myself to go smoke, who knows where, feeling like an idiot.  That is a really big deal for me.  Already, I have enjoyed going out to a restaurant, and not having that craving come over me where I can't wait to excuse myself just so I can go and have a smoke.
Quitting has brought me such freedom!  I love it! 

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Nadia, Quit Coach May 17, 2017 (04:16 PM)  

Joined: Mar 07, 2017
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Hello everyone,

I hope you have enjoyed a sunny day wherever you are and maybe some of you are getting ready for the long week-end.  

Summer is great time to enjoy the outdoors, beach, cottage but it can also be difficult to avoid smoking. What are you plans this summer?

Would you be able to share some of your strategies, ideas on how to stay smoke free and still have fun?

Cheers to a smoke free summer!


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