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jennydls Jul 15, 2017 (02:48 PM)  

Joined: Feb 10, 2014

Hi Doyle, I actually find I have more time in a day. It sounds kind of funny, but I guess all those 10-15 min smoke breaks add up. So now it doesn't seem to take as long to get things done around the house, and get fidgety. When I find this happening I just get some ice cold water or something to keep in my hands. Best of Luck!! Jenny

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Jeyan Jul 13, 2017 (01:26 PM)  

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hello Doyle, do not confuse between being bored and addiction. Smoking cannot be a solution to being bored. You need to fix the root cause. if you're bored that means either you're not busy at work or at home, or you do not enjoy what you do. What you need to do is learn to like what you do, and try to keep yourself busy both at work and home by writing up a list of items to do and clean up and working on them. You need to break the habit. Also, learn to love all and the chores you do. :)

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Sarah, Quit Coach Jul 12, 2017 (09:28 AM)  

Joined: Jan 22, 2015
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Hello Doyle - thank you for bringing this very important topic to the forefront. Boredom can be a trigger for many people trying to quit smoking. Often times, when people quit, they find themselves with more time on their hands - after all, smoking cigarette can take up to several minutes each. Our community members - manderson4, Newoportunity & Treepo - had great suggestions and supportive words, which validate what you're a feeling Doyle - it is a common occurrence during the quit journey. The activities and hobbies you brainstorm do not always have to be too time-consuming; sometimes the best distractions are 3-5 mins long, to help aid through those tricky cravings that come along during boredom. Let us know if you end up trying any of the activities listed by your fellow community members, or if you've come up with some new ones to try! All the best Doyle, Sarah

Treepeo Jul 11, 2017 (10:52 PM)  

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Hi Doyle,
I agree with Newoportunity.  Stay focused on why you want to quit.  And manderson4 is right about distracting yourself. How about immersing yourself in a good book?  Or putting on music and dancing around your home?  That's a fun way to exercise!  Or maybe try one of those adult coloring books.  It seems they are very popular these days.  Or try a jigsaw puzzle.  The possibilities are endless.  But like you said, you have to be motivated to do something, and it sounds like your problem is that you end up in some kind of funk.
You said that you become almost paralyzed mid-day.  There are things you can do, but you don't do them.  Well, now you know your pattern and one of the difficulties you face.  So now you have a chance to deal with it head on.  As soon as that feeling starts to come on, try immediately doing one of the things on your list, or something else to distract yourself.  Distraction seems to be a really effective coping mechanism when dealing with cravings. Don't give yourself a chance to wallow.
You have to change your routines and way of doing things when you quit smoking.  This is just a part of that change.  You will get the hang of it and figure it out.  It would be nice if there were a set formula we could all follow that would lead to success, but unfortunately, that is not the case.  It is different for every person.  We just have to muddle along the best we can.  Eventually, we are going to get to where we want to be.
I hope this helps, Doyle.  Keep up the fight.  It is worth all of the struggles. 

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manderson4 Jul 11, 2017 (08:47 PM)  

Joined: Sep 29, 2016
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Doyle I understand exactly where you are coming from and as a former heavy smoker, the down times were the worst.  I installed a game like pac man or tetris on my phone\tablet.  The other thing I did was got a couple of fidget spinners in a lot of stores you can find one for under $5 and it is a nice little distraction.  

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One Down One to Go

Newoportunity Jul 11, 2017 (03:07 PM)  

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Hi Doyle
I know that sometimes is hard, just focus then on why you want to quit!
Be strong yo u can do it

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Doyle Jul 11, 2017 (02:52 PM)  

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I have a really hard time when I am bored.  I know that smoking is a false friend and hobby, so I know that there is nothing more boring than smoking a cigarette.  However, sometimes around mid-day I crave immensly and seem to become paralyzed and stuck.  I lose my motivation and positivity.  I even made a list of things I could do, but when I'm in the moment I don't do them.  I imagine each smoke free day, it will get easier.  I need to motivate myself and go for nice walks or do something physical.  But I have no hobbies for when it rains.  Any thoughts would be appreciated.  Have a great smoke free day!

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