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Paul, Quit Coach Aug 17, 2017 (05:25 PM)  

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Hi everyone, 

We are pleased to let you know that our Fall Session for Run to Quit is now open for registration. Participants can join a Virtual Training Program or Do it yourself (DIY). 

We are also launching an In Store Training Programs for the Fall in:

- Burlington (start date Sept 11),

- Aurora (start date Sept 11)

- Beaches (start date Sept 15)

Participants who register and quit smoking are eligible to win $1000. Contest deadline is September 30th. Our website has also been updated so check it out!

To order new promotional resources, please email

Print material, digital material & a new social media toolkit is now available.  

Good luck with your quits, your walks and/or runs, and with the contest.

Let's have some fun. Everyone who tries is a winner! 

Smokers' Helpline Online Support Team

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